Anglesey Red Squirrels

November 2, 2018
Tim Coysh

Go Red Squirrel Spotting at Newborough Forest
Anglesey is a haven for the Red Squirrel. Newborough Forest is well known as one of the endangered Red Squirrel’s strongholds. If you’re lucky, you may catch a glimpse of one of the rare native species, introduced into the forest by the Anglesey Red Squirrel Project.

red squirrel up a tree

The squirrels have recovered impressively on Anglesey in recent years after the grey American specie almost wiped out the native breed 20 years ago. Just 40 reds were believed to be left on Anglesey in 1997 but today, red squirrel numbers have surged to around 700 across the island following a successful project which saw greys eradicated. Red squirrels have an average lifespan of 3 years, eat a quite varied diet of mainly seeds, acorns, berries, fungi, and bark and live in nests called dreys, built high up in trees.

Red Squirrel bridge to be built at Plas Newydd on Anglesey
Anglesey Red Squirrels can also be spotted throughout the gardens and woodlands of Plas Newydd Country house and gardens, particularly in Church Bank Wood and along the edge of the Menai Strait. What’s more, reds don’t hibernate, so you stand a chance of seeing them all year round!

red squirrel holding a stick on the ground

National Trust plans for a rope bridge over the A4080 at Llanfairpwll have been approved by the Anglesey council.  A 25ft-high red squirrel bridge will be built over the busy road in a bid to stop the animals from being run over. The charity said tens of red squirrels were run over each year and this was part of efforts to boost its numbers. The bridge will link the grounds of the 18th Century mansion to neighbouring woodland and conservationists hope this will encourage the animals to safely scamper to new habitats.

Anglesey Red Squirrels at Mynydd Llwydiarth
The red squirrel is now a common sight in coniferous woodland and broadleaved woodlands bordering the Menai Straits. The species also benefited from the maturation of coniferous plantations established on Mynydd Llwydiarth (Pentraeth). Mynydd Llwydiarth, a rugged chain of hills in the northeast of Anglesey, extending along the promontory between Red Wharf Bay and Beaumaris Bay to Penmon. A small lake, called Llyn Llwydiarth, is on the southern slope. There is a panoramic view looking south from a rock outcrop in Pentraeth Forest, Mynydd Llwydiarth. To your left you are looking out over the Strait to Snowdonia, and the view stretches all around to the right, where you can see Holyhead Mountain and Mynydd Bodafon in the distance.

red squirrel looking out around a branch

While walking the island, keep your eyes peeled for these cute little red-coated creatures. With our local knowledge, we can help you make the most of a holiday in Anglesey or Snowdonia. Celebrate the change of seasons. Book a cosy and comfortable self-catering holiday cottage (many are pet-friendly) for a short break, for a romantic weekend, or for a family holiday over the autumn and winter with Coastal Holidays at www.coastalholidays.net, email [email protected] or ring us on 01248 430190.

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