Booking Info

Booking Fee

A £25 booking fee is applied to all bookings:

Short Breaks

There are many short breaks available on this website. If you cannot see the break you are looking for then use the following guide to find the price:-

6 nights = 95% of the weekly rate
5 nights = 82% of the weekly rate
4 nights = 74% of the weekly rate
3 nights = 62% of the weekly rate.
2 nights = 54% of the weekly rate (most properties have a 3 night min stay)

These calculation apply to most properties.

Booking deposit

The deposit is normally 25% of the total cost plus the booking fee. This is non-refundable. We recommend that you take out insurance against the occurrance of an unexpected event (e.g. illness, changed personal circumstances, transport problems) which may prevent you from visiting the property which you have booked.

Many insurers are available and we recommend that holidaymakers carefully compare the relative cost and coverage of the different products that are currently on the market. Examples of companies providing travel insurance are given below:

Please note that Coastal Holidays has no connections with the above, and does not recommend any particular insurance provider. The list provided above is not intended to be exhaustive and other insurance providers are available.

Customer Service

Coastal Holidays is committed to achieving a high standard of service for each holidaymaker. We will endeavour to do everything within our power to ensure that each holidaymaker enjoys a quality experience before, during and after their stay. In the event of any shortcoming being reported to us, we undertake to investigate the circumstances and rectify the issue where it is reasonably practicable, and within our power, to do so. However, Coastal Holidays merely act as an agent providing information and booking services on behalf of property owners. Whilst care is undertaken to ensure that the information provided is correct at the time of publication, holidaymakers are reminded that the booking contract, once undertaken, constitutes a legal relationship between themselves and the owner of the property in question.


If you cancel

If you cancel your holiday, for example, because of ill health or because you can no longer afford to go, you will usually lose your deposit and booking fee. This may represent a major part of the cost of the holiday. This is because you will have broken the terms of the contract you made with the property owner when you booked your holiday.

The contract makes it clear that the deposit and booking fee are non-refundable upon cancellation by you. The deposit and booking fee have to be paid even if you cancel. The contract does not allow cancellation without payment of this amount; you will be liable for the losses incurred.

We strongly advise you to take out holiday insurance which will cover the cost of cancellation.

If we cancel

If Coastal Holidays are forced to cancel your holiday, you will have several options. You can choose to:

  • accept an alternative property of a similar or better standard
  • accept an alternative property of a lower standard and claim back the difference in cost
  • cancel the booking and get your money back

Terms and Conditions

A full statement of our terms and conditions may be found at policy and disclaimers.

Booking Charges

Additional Charges:-

PayPal – 4%

Credit Cards – 3%

Debit Card – Free

Cheques – Free

Bank Transfer is free (Except International transfer, where you must pay the charges)

Other Agencies and owner bookings

Coastal Holidays works in partnership with other agencies. Some of our owners also take their own bookings. 

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