Top hidden gems in North Wales for a unique holiday experience

Looking to explore North Wales for a unique holiday experience? Here are the top hidden gems that you have to explore.

June 10, 2024
Tim Coysh

North Wales is a stunning location with attractive landscapes, a vibrant culture, and a rich history that stretches far into the past. To many people, it’s an undiscovered gem just waiting to be uncovered, a place where you can find adventure, but also a place to unwind surrounded by natural beauty.

North Wales truly has something for everyone, so here are some of the top hidden gems that we can highly recommend.

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Snowdonia National Park

While not necessarily a hidden gem by any means, Snowdonia National Park is an absolute must-visit for anyone who is looking to explore the incredible beauty of North Wales. Home to the highest peak in Wales, Mount Snowdon, the park offers outstanding views and numerous trails for hiking and mountain biking.

Whether you want to take it easy and walk around while absorbing the sights, or if you’d like to engage in fun and exhilarating activities surrounded by nature, there is truly something for everyone here at Snowdonia National Park. The experience is absolutely second to none, and we highly recommend that you visit here if you find yourself in North Wales.

Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path

The Anglesey Coastal Path is a long-distance route that follows much of the stunning coastline of the Isle of Anglesey. There are roughly 135 miles of beautiful paths, ranging from sandy beaches to rocky cliffs.

The coastal path showcases some of the island’s most diverse landscapes, and you’ll meet with a diverse selection of wildlife as you tour the island. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a leisurely bike ride or a serious hike, the Anglesey Coastal Path is a great place to explore the outdoors.

We suggest checking out the Visit Anglesey website for more information on individual sections across the route to help you find a suitable path to experience.

Portmeirion Village

Portmeirion is a whimsical Italianate village found on the coast of North Wales. The fairytale-like architecture was designed by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, and it’s well-known for utilising vibrant colours and beautiful gardens to create a quirky and memorable experience. You’ll usually find a range of events being hosted here, and there are also festivals throughout the year that take place specifically at Portmeirion Village, making it a great hidden gem to visit for a getaway.

Plas Mawr

Plas Mawr is an Elizabethan townhouse found in Conwy. It’s one of the best remaining examples of its kind, featuring detailed decorations, lavish interiors, and a fascinating peek into the life of a wealthy merchant family during the 16th century. If you’ve been wanting to explore the golden Elizabethan age up close, then Plas Mawr offers an unforgettable experience with its opulence and charm.

Check out the official Plas Mawr website to learn more about opening times, prices and tickets, and directions on how to reach this amazing gem.

Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways

The Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways stretch across 40 miles through Snowdonia National Park, making it one of the most amazing and unique ways to explore North Wales. Steam trains are a joy to ride, steeped in culture and history with a backdrop of stunning landscapes to marvel at as you ride across the heart of Snowdonia.

Visit the Ffestiniog Railway website today to book your magical journey across Snowdonia on a classic steam train.

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