Fishing Holidays in North Wales and Anglesey

Fishing Holidays in North Wales and Anglesey

North Wales and Anglesey is one of UK’s top destinations for Game, Sea and Coarse Fishing holidays. A large range of manmade and natural lakes to choose from along with the extensive coastline makes North Wales a perfect choice. Why not combine a family holiday with a fishing break and book one of our holiday cottages. Make time to explore some of the great fishing opportunities we have to offer on Anglesey. Book online, phone or email us – we’re here to help!

Excellent facilities for game fishing are available on Anglesey and Lleyn’s inland waterways. Game fish are fish pursued for sport by recreational anglers. They can be freshwater or marine fish .Examples of fish are crappies, perch, rock bass, bluegill and sunfish. Read more..

Abundant and varied stocks of coarse fish species are held in many of Anglesey and Lleyn’s still watercourse fisheries. Coarse fishing is a term used in the United Kingdom and Ireland for angling for coarse fish, which are those types of freshwater fish other than game fish such as trout, salmon and char. Read more..

Sea anglers have the chance to take advantage of the bountiful fishing grounds that lie relatively close to the shore, so time is spent fishing and not travelling. Recreational fishermen usually fish either from a boat, shoreline or river bank. When fishing from a boat, or fishing vessel , pretty much any fishing technique can be used, from nets to fish traps , but some form of angling is by far the most common. Fishes such as Pollock , Cod, Coal fish and Conger are popular amongst the North Wales beaches. Read more..

Shore Fishing is very popular on Anglesey and Lleyn, yet, with such a vast area of coastline available, you can always find quiet sheltered spots for peaceful fishing. Shore fishing is an undeveloped area where access to water body is firm and stable and the shore line has fishable depths. Read more..

Fishing stores in Anglesey, Gwynedd and Pen llyn. Read more..

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