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  +44 (0) 1248 430190 / 07864 321175

Telford House
Bangor, Snowdonia / Lleyn

Ref: CH230

  • Sleeps

  • Bedrooms

  • Changeover

  • Pets Welcome

Telford House, Bangor, well-equipped, spacious, warm, comfortable, relaxing and very impressive self-catering accommodation, sleeping 14. Ideal large group accommodation. A beautiful 5* TripAdvisor rated house in a stunning location. The views of the Thomas Telford suspension bridge and the Menai Straits are breathtaking, the rooms palatial and the location provides easy access to Anglesey and Snowdonia. Family friendly.

If you haven't been to Anglesey before and would like us to build an itinerary for your trip, please call 01248 430190

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